Artificial intelligence (AI) is continuously becoming an integral part of what we do nowadays, from the suggestions of the YouTube videos we ought to watch, to the algorithms running our high frequency trading in the Wall Street. Indeed Google algorithms know what we prefer, better than what we want. That was according to the Twitter CEO and founder — Jack Dorsey. This would not be mentioned if it were not for pattern recognition and classification, which are the main underlying principles of AI.

Fig: 1 An Image of Humanoid robot. Photo Credit: Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Although the two principles have been undertaken for centuries purely through conventional statistical inference and mathematics, it…

The kinetics of airborne transmission — the mean free path

An illustration of coronavirus by CDC
An illustration of coronavirus by CDC
Photo Credit: CDC on Unsplash

Until the outbreak of coronavirus disease, now abbreviated COVID-19, we had only known so much about tuberculosis, measles, chickenpox and various types of influenza viruses, which all happen to be airborne. To mean they are a group of highly contagious microorganisms transmitted through the air we breath. These infections arise when organisms are allowed to enter through to the upper and lower respiratory system namely: the nose, throat, and into the lungs in extreme cases¹. …


From basics to pro FCSS templating in one read

templating with HTVL, FCSS and BOOTSTRAP 4.0
templating with HTVL, FCSS and BOOTSTRAP 4.0
HTML templating plays a crucial role in software development. It not only determines the speed of your development, but also the quality of the output upon project completion. In our last few blogs on automating front-end development, we have mentioned functional css (FCSS) a number of times to refer to our in-house templating language. In this article we will explore the general principles of FCSS, some routines and conventions followed, as well as element-by-element code examples for most bootstrap components. The article will therefore not only bring you to speed with what has been happening with FCSS in general, but you if you follow along you will be an expert yourself on completion.

Environment setup

You will need the ability to run nodejs and the latest bash on your desktop to completely follow along this tutorial. As such, if you are on a Windows machine you will want to get gitbash or an equivalent environment that will enable you to execute bash. You also have an option to activate Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). If you are on Linux or Mac, it is most likely that you are used to running bash scripts and your system is well set for that. Otherwise make sure that you have the latest bash — especially Mac users. With…

A pedagogical aspect that needs to be introduced earlier in physics classrooms

A nasa image of dying star
A nasa image of dying star
Image Credit: NASA⁴ — NASA content (images, videos, audio, etc) are generally not copyrighted and may be used for educational or informational purposes without needing explicit permissions

It has always been known that there is an elegant relationship between matter and waves, albeit in elementary particles. This was proposed way back in 1924 by Louis de Broglie — a French physicist¹. The hypothesis was not well-received then, and even to date unfortunately it is still a subject that is mainly introduced much later in physics education. Many previous attempts to extend these connections to classical mechanics, let a lone general relativistic studies have failed miserably. The vice versa has also been the case, when transiting from studies of objects of larger extent to that of the minute…

Anatomy and SEO descriptors

A Blog Article First-Ranked in all these Search Engines
A Blog Article First-Ranked in all these Search Engines
Illustration of top search engines (created by the author)

Blogging in 2020 just can’t get better. The reading culture of the world’s population is slowly mutating from hard cover books to a global village of e-book and blog lovers. Mobile gadget ownership is skyrocketing every year, and you would notice if you checked the rate of up-take in most emerging market economies. Of course a section of mobile gadget owners concentrate on vlogging, besides conventional texting and calling. For those that read, ask yourself, what do people really want online? Well, obviously e-books, politics, celebrity gossips, academic journals, and what have you. But here is something else readers really…

“A design of Experiments”
“A design of Experiments”
Unlike the conventional one factor at a time (OFAT) analysis, each factor does not influence the response variable of an experiment inherently. Instead, the response variable is influenced by the interactions between the manipulated factors in addition to each individual effect. Design Of Experiments (DOE) presents an intuitive way of assessing the influence of several factors at ago. We explain DOE methodology in this essay, as well as conduct a simple DOE exercise to help you understand and apply this methodology in your daily business, entrepreneurial and technical analysis— Photo Credit: Louis Reed on Unsplash

What it is and how to apply in your day-to-day business, entrepreneurial, and technical analysis to make crucial decisions

We say a school of fish, a pack of coyotes, a covert of coots, a library of books, a stack of hay, a flight of steps, a business of ferrets, and you can list the rest. In a similar way, we say “a design of experiments” even though we are used to “a set of experiments”.

Design of experiments (DOX or DOE), also known as experimental design is a methodology in the greater discipline of statistics, aiming at describing variation of condition(s) under many different influences of factors AT AGO.

Design Of Experiments (DOE) presents an intuitive way of assessing…

Properties of the graviton to be

We have always wondered how particle physicists are able to predict the properties of a particle even way before its detection is imminent. In deed about half a century ago, Peter Higgs, a British theoretical physicist and now a renowned Nobel Laureate will be forever remembered for his advance knowledge of a particle that previously never exist in our physics textbooks. The prediction of Higgs and his colleagues was confirmed in the early morning of July 4th 2012 by CERN laboratory of particle physics (Fig. 1).

A picture of the large hydron collider, “A prediction on the Graviton”
A picture of the large hydron collider, “A prediction on the Graviton”
Fig. 1: CERN Large Hydron Collider — CERN images are freely available to use and share under the standardized Creative Commons licence

A year later, the outgoing confirmation would earn the team a Nobel prize in…

A gravity, Electricity, Electrostatics Relationship
A gravity, Electricity, Electrostatics Relationship
In the same way James Clark Maxwell combined electricity and magnetism into one, there seems to be an elegant connection between gravity and the two. We have summarized the key components relating to the connection in this essay. The most significant finding was deriving a methodology for the charge equivalent of mass, which has been problematic, as mass is usually directly equated to charge in electrogravitostatics. The units thus raises nonconformity to the laws of mathematics when this convention is followed, and thus it is the subject of this article.


Electromagnetism as compared to gravitoelectromagnetism (GEM) was formulated by the proponents through painstaking observations on the behavior of real objects, i.e. magnets and inductors in their respective electric and magnetic fields. A similar observation on a gravitational field, while it would seemingly be easy, is on the contrary counterintuitive, especially when the supposed objects possesses both particle and wave-like properties of significantly foreign aspects. As a result, researchers have mainly focused on theorizing the similarity between electromagnetism and gravity in order to study the gravitational field¹²³⁴.

Today Electrogravitostatics — a terminology to explain the relationship between all the three aspects…

A an illustration of Newton’s constant
A an illustration of Newton’s constant
Mathematical operations in physics that involve Newton’s gravitational constant, are extremely counter intuitive at the subatomic level. This is due to the lack of a unified methodology to carry out these calculations. An attempt has been made in this essay, to offer an alternative use to the constant. The merits of making this transition were also assessed.

They say no matter how good a dancer you are, you must know when to leave the dance floor. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like a pleasant thing to say to a piece of scientific law that has diligently served it’s purpose for nearly half a millennium.

Newton’s gravitational constant (denoted G), has been instrumental throughout the development of the earlier laws of physics, up until the currently accepted form of general relativity. However, recent research advises on the merits of finding alternative theories that fully accounts for gravitation activities in the quantum level. The focus of this essay, is on…

An account of newton’s gravitational constant
An account of newton’s gravitational constant
They don’t teach this in physics classrooms NOT because they don’t want to, but because it is unbeknown. Newton’s gravitational constant is not universal, but a variable inversely proportional to object’s mass, and directly proportional to the square of object’s radii. The constant of proportionality is the frequencies that represent the objects. This article is about those frequencies — the frequencies of matter.

The one thing that is not covered in physics curriculum concerns the wave properties of matter. This is probably the second greatest mistake in the history of physics described by Ethan Siegel. In this article we will describe a world where there is nothing and everything at the same time. A world that really exist and the laws of physics are totally different. Simply put, Newtonian physics no longer apply in that world.

If you are still wondering what wave properties of matter are, let’s conduct a thought experiment. Pick up a stone, raise it to the height of your eyesight, drop it. Easy, right? Newton’s Laws suggests that the speed and instantaneous height as functions of time can be calculated. What it doesn’t say, is that they are also sources of radio frequencies that can be heard by tuning to a certain range of frequencies more like we do for radio channels. That is when everything is understood as a wave of some kind.

It is amazing right? You know what else…

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