The kinetics of airborne transmission — the mean free path

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From basics to pro FCSS templating in one read

templating with HTVL, FCSS and BOOTSTRAP 4.0
HTML templating plays a crucial role in software development. It not only determines the speed of your development, but also the quality of the output upon project completion. In our last few blogs on automating front-end development, we have mentioned functional css (FCSS) a number of times to refer to our in-house templating language. In this article we will explore the general principles of FCSS, some routines and conventions followed, as well as element-by-element code examples for most bootstrap components. The article will therefore not only bring you to speed with what has been happening with FCSS in general, but you if you follow along you will be an expert yourself on completion.

Environment setup

A pedagogical aspect that needs to be introduced earlier in physics classrooms

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Anatomy and SEO descriptors

A Blog Article First-Ranked in all these Search Engines
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“A design of Experiments”
Unlike the conventional one factor at a time (OFAT) analysis, each factor does not influence the response variable of an experiment inherently. Instead, the response variable is influenced by the interactions between the manipulated factors in addition to each individual effect. Design Of Experiments (DOE) presents an intuitive way of assessing the influence of several factors at ago. We explain DOE methodology in this essay, as well as conduct a simple DOE exercise to help you understand and apply this methodology in your daily business, entrepreneurial and technical analysis— Photo Credit: Louis Reed on Unsplash

What it is and how to apply in your day-to-day business, entrepreneurial, and technical analysis to make crucial decisions

Properties of the graviton to be

A gravity, Electricity, Electrostatics Relationship
In the same way James Clark Maxwell combined electricity and magnetism into one, there seems to be an elegant connection between gravity and the two. We have summarized the key components relating to the connection in this essay. The most significant finding was deriving a methodology for the charge equivalent of mass, which has been problematic, as mass is usually directly equated to charge in electrogravitostatics. The units thus raises nonconformity to the laws of mathematics when this convention is followed, and thus it is the subject of this article.


A an illustration of Newton’s constant
Mathematical operations in physics that involve Newton’s gravitational constant, are extremely counter intuitive at the subatomic level. This is due to the lack of a unified methodology to carry out these calculations. An attempt has been made in this essay, to offer an alternative use to the constant. The merits of making this transition were also assessed.

An account of newton’s gravitational constant
They don’t teach this in physics classrooms NOT because they don’t want to, but because it is unbeknown. Newton’s gravitational constant is not universal, but a variable inversely proportional to object’s mass, and directly proportional to the square of object’s radii. The constant of proportionality is the frequencies that represent the objects. This article is about those frequencies — the frequencies of matter.

The one thing that is not covered in physics curriculum concerns the wave properties of matter. This is probably the second greatest mistake in the history of physics described by Ethan Siegel. In this article we will describe a world where there is nothing and everything at the same time. A world that really exist and the laws of physics are totally different. Simply put, Newtonian physics no longer apply in that world.

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