A Blog Article Ranked First on Top Search Engines

Anatomy and SEO descriptors

A Blog Article First-Ranked in all these Search Engines
Illustration of top search engines (created by the author)

Article specific anatomy

Date distributed: 01 Nov 2019, exactly 3 months old today.
Wordlength: 729 excluding code snippets
Read time (min): 5 minutes
Images: 4 medium, and small sized.

SEO optimization descriptors

Title: Automating Front-End Development
Sub-title: Breaking down HTML into String Variables
Alt texts: All the 4 images contained alt texts
Tags: Front-end automation, Linux, Bash, JavaScript, Shellscripting
First Word: Every


Medium publication: The Startup (choose your publication depending on where most of your readers are)
Claps: 272 so far, this measures how much love people show for your article
Fans: 65 so far, this too shows how people appreciate your blog post.
Views & Reads to date: 8100+, 4000+
Average weekly views: 700

Conclusion and main points

I am a Software/Algorithmic Developer, Science Writer and Systems Thinker. Most of my content is freshly distilled from up-to-date information.

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