Integrating Bootstrap 4.0 with FCSS

From basics to pro FCSS templating in one read

templating with HTVL, FCSS and BOOTSTRAP 4.0
HTML templating plays a crucial role in software development. It not only determines the speed of your development, but also the quality of the output upon project completion. In our last few blogs on automating front-end development, we have mentioned functional css (FCSS) a number of times to refer to our in-house templating language. In this article we will explore the general principles of FCSS, some routines and conventions followed, as well as element-by-element code examples for most bootstrap components. The article will therefore not only bring you to speed with what has been happening with FCSS in general, but you if you follow along you will be an expert yourself on completion.

Environment setup

You will need the ability to run nodejs and the latest bash on your desktop to completely follow along this tutorial. As such, if you are on a Windows machine you will want to get gitbash or an equivalent…



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